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Full lifetime service solution

Magnifield ground cover

Under our operational lease, we remain owner of the material. Our upfront agreed monthly fee covers installation, maintenance, removal and recycling of the fabric by our experienced teams to ensure a continuous energy uplift.

The impact of Magnifield heavily depends on many factors such as the solar farm layout (inter-row spacing, solar module type, etc.), local weather, altitude and latitudes, … That is why we use a highly accurate prediction model, specifically developed for bifacial solar farms, to offer you a personalized quote.

Up to 10% extra yield

Only a fixed monthly fee

Full service solution


• Yield increase
• Coverage & position
• Risk assessment


by our experienced team

Increased yield

& more stable yield generation


when necessary

Removal, recycling & replacement

with new Magnifield



To predict accurately how much additional energy Magnifield can generate for your utility-scale bifacial solar farm, we collaborate with a Dutch research institute who have specifically designed a simulation tool for bifacial solar PV. Compared to other solar software which tends to overestimate the energy output of utility-scale solar projects, our simulations are more accurate as we consider all impacting factors more realistically. Based on the expected energy uplift, we offer you a tailored quote with the monthly lease fee. All services mentioned below are offered by Magnifield and are covered with this personalized lease fee.



Once a commercial agreement has been closed, we activate our local network of experienced ground cover installation teams to ensure you can benefit from Magnifield’s additional energy as soon as possible. Depending on the characteristics of the identified solar project (inter-row space, soil type, weather conditions, etc.), our installation team will adapt their approach on how to fixate Magnifield to the underground. Whatever the situation, our teams ensure Magnifield is properly installed for the entire product lifetime.


Increased yield

After installing Magnifield on your solar farm(s), It is time to benefit from the additionally generated energy through our albedo enhancing ground covers.



Magnifield remains owner of the installed fabric on your solar farm(s), so it is in everyone’s best interest to keep the ground covers clean and fixated to the underground. Frequency and type of maintenance highly depends on the location and environmental factors (vegetation, soiling intensity, etc.) of the project.


Removal, recycling & replacement

At the end of Magnifield’s lifetime, approximately 4 to 5 years depending on the sun intensity at the location of the solar farm, we send over an experienced team to remove the ground cover completely. We collect all material and ship it to the closest appropriate recycling factory in our network. The recycled output will see new life later on by using it as raw materials for other manufactured products.

Depending on the nature and duration of our commercial agreement, we either install new ground covers or leave the land plot as we found it before installing Magnifield.