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Challenges in the solar industry

Inaccurate performance estimations can lead to underperforming solar farms. Utility-scale bifacial solar farm developers, owners, and investors only have a few options in this situation:

  • Install additional solar modules, which means additional CAPEX
  • Purchase additional energy on the spot market at unpredictable prices
  • Pay a fee to the energy off-taker, negatively impacting the ROI
Decline in investor confidence
More difficulty attracting investors for future projects
What is Magnifield?

An albedo enhancing woven ground cover to increase the energy yield of utility-scale bifacial solar farms with up to 10%.

Magnifield is a reflective white polypropylene which enhances the albedo value of the topsoil and increases the energy yield of bifacial utility-scale solar farms with up to 10%. For a fixed monthly fee, our experienced teams take care of installation, maintenance and end-of-life removal, without interfering with other OEM activities. Once our ground covers are removed from the site, they will be recycled, further reducing your carbon footprint.

What we offer

A full service package including installation,
maintenance and end-of-life removal & recycling.

Under our operational lease, we remain owner of the material. Our upfront agreed monthly fee covers installation, maintenance, removal and recycling of the fabric by our experienced teams to ensure a continuous energy uplift.

Highly accurate

More accurate predictions thanks to a scientifically based calculation model specifically designed for utility scale bifacial solar farms.


Full lifetime service solution, including installation & maintenance, allowing for complete land restoration once removed.

Durable & recyclable

Durable & recyclable solution maximizing the yield whilst lowering the carbon footprint/kwh of your solar farm.

The science behind Magnifield

Scientific proof

In collaboration with KU Leuven and EnergyVille we tested ‘Magnifield’, a reflective white polypropylene woven textile that can be recycled after use. We measured the increased performance of bifacial solar panels with this reflective material and compared it to a grass topsoil.

The installation of Magnifield returned an enhanced energy yield of 10±2%, depending on weather conditions, compared to grass. This substantial difference proves the reflective ground cover can significantly improve the performance of many bifacial PV power plant.

Access the full report with all data and measurements here, presenting the “Experimental Evaluation of Performance Enhancement in a Bifacial PV System by a Highly Reflective Textile Ground Cover”.


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