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Up to 10% extra yield

Only a fixed monthly fee

Full service solution

What is Magnifield?

Offering utility-scale bifacial solar farm developers, owners and investors an innovative alternative solution to uplift one’s energy yield, CAPEX and hassle-free.

Magnifield is a reflective white polypropylene which enhances the albedo value of the topsoil and increases the energy yield of bifacial utility-scale solar farms with up to 10%. For a fixed monthly fee, our experienced teams take care of installation, maintenance and end-of-life removal, without interfering with other OEM activities. Once our ground covers are removed from the site, they will be recycled, further reducing your carbon footprint.

How it works

A full service package including installation,
maintenance and end-of-life removal & recycling.

Our experienced teams take care of installation, maintenance and replacement making sure that your yield enhancement remains up-to-date.



Increased yield


Removal, recycling & replacement

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