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Features & benefits

Our woven ground covers are specifically designed for utility-scale bifacial solar farms, offering multiple benefits.

Water & air permeable

Preserves ecological conditions of the ground

High UV resistance

Lifetime of at least 5 years in areas with high solar irradiation

Strong tear & puncture resistance

Withstands challenging weather conditions and small tractors driving over it

Low logistical impact

One truck Magnifield boosts 25 acres of land (~56 trucks of white gravel)

Circular design

Designed to be recycled and potential to lower the carbon footprint/kwh  

Increased albedo value

An albedo value of 64% allows solar modules on the back of bifacial panels to capture much more solar energy.

Albedo scale

Boost the albedo value of the underground

Bifacial solar installations require specific design and construction considerations to fully realize potential energy gains. This strongly depends on the albedo value of the underground. The higher the albedo, the more solar reflection, resulting in a higher performance of the photovoltaic modules.

Boost the performance of bifacial solar